You are incredibly skilled at reading dogs’ behaviors and signals, and (more importantly), you are able to explain that to people and teach us to begin to recognize these things. We feel like we understand our dogs so much more, and we can be successful with anything new.
— Alexis Corrigan

Happy Clients


Thank you does not even begin to describe or adequately say how appreciative we are of your help over the last few months. Sawyer's perfect now and it's more than we could have hoped for. Thank you as well for believing us that we care and we will do what's best for her. As you know most people didn't. It meant a lot to me that someone gave us a chance. Please know that you are family now!

— Diana Gurich

At first, I wasn’t sure training would help. I didn’t know what to expect. But I'm so glad I took the chance! Working with you has far exceeded my expectations. After the very first session I already felt much calmer and more confident.  I learned how to communicate in non-verbal ways.  You have so much experience, a calm but enthusiastic demeanor, and you are such a positive trainer.

— Susan Fox

 As soon as we met you, our worries vanished. You helped us learn to trust our dogs. We have gotten much better at reading our dogs’ and other dogs’ behaviors and signals. These have all been real eye-openers for us. You were great about answering all of our questions, and you never made us feel like we had a “silly” question. 

— Will Moore

Stella was a completely different dog! I know we have a lot more to do, but I feel completely confident that she will be the best dog she can be! I love everything about our sessions! I love how you started training and creating a plan for the moment you met us and Stella. You always pointed out positives and strengths in Stella when I was training her. 

— Morgan Johnson


For someone who feels like they have no idea what to do, having your comments and encouragement is really helpful. I felt confident after each session and I knew the strategies talked about during that session would help us. I am doing things now I would never have thought that I could in a million years.

— Mara Jones

 You were able to offer constant feedback about what I was doing right and wrong, and help with positive advice constantly. You are very easy going, very flexible, and take to many different situations. You are extremely knowledgeable in your field. You have opened my eyes and helped me to see everything differently, when I couldn't see what I needed to to be successful.

— Melinda Rodriguez

I have worked with trainers before, which really helped, but I knew you would be what I needed. I could see immediately that you understood and things began to improve in a very short time.  You explained things very well. I would recommend you easily. You are truly devoted to your work and the dogs are lucky to have you.

— Ruth Smeal

I cannot say enough good things about Desiree and her ability to connect with us. She listened carefully and spent a great deal of time working with us and explaining things. Now, six months later, all of the problems that developed during my illness have disappeared. Thanks to Desiree, Darby is the dog I knew she could be - the best dog ever!

— Joyce bell-Ellison