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I coach you to train your dog. This can be online, or if you live in the Greenville, SC, area, we can work in-person.  We go deep into your desires and get clear on how you want to live life with your canine companion. Then, I teach you to understand your dog on a whole new level . You'll learn how to communicate and how to interact so that you're building trust, connection, and harmony. This leads directly to better behavior, more reliability, and greater freedom.

My training is in-depth, and you are guaranteed to learn a lot. It's also highly effective, and I have options that range from me doing the "homework" for you to me coaching you how to do it yourself. Training packages include significant on-demand support, high-level coaching for you, extended learning options, and hands-on practical work with your dog. 


Yes, of course I could. I've worked as a professional dog trainer for more than a decade. But here's the problem:  I can train your dog to have a great relationship with me. If you want your dog to have a great relationship with are going to have to build that.  You need to learn to understand your dog and to communicate. This way, your dog bonds more deeply with you and you provide the kind of leadership that really matters. And, once you understand, you can repeat this process with any dog in your future.

If time is an issue for you or you'd like me to do more of the "homework" and heavy-lifting, I have programs that include that option. But your dog will stay with you, build a relationship with you, and learn to listen to you.

What are your qualifications?

I have been working with dogs professionally since 2005. I've been teaching and coaching people since 2003. I have a master's degree in a psychology-based field, and a diploma in Canine Behavior.  I am a Certified Canine Behaviorist and a Certified Animal Behaviorist as well as a Certified Pet Dog Trainer.  And, for the human side, I'm also a Certified Professional Coach. Plus, my education is ongoing. I believe in professional development and get continuing education at every opportunity.

HOW much does it cost?

Current program packages are ranging from $950 - $1250. This price includes everything in the total package. If you are not certain you want to do this work, we can also schedule the initial workshop only, which costs $500. I do not do single sessions, because they are not as effective. However, the amount of training included in my programs is sufficient to adequately address the majority of issues. If it isn’t, we can add on additional single sessions at a discounted rate to ensure you get the best results possible for your situation.

What tools/techniques do you use?

My goal is to help you forge an amazing relationship with your dog. Healthy relationships are never based on force or "dominance."  Soulful Connection requires love, trust, mutual respect, and communication. Therefore, I use only dog-friendly, positive techniques that will make you and your dog fall in love with each other...happily.  You and your dog will both enjoy this training. 

I don't use pinch, choke, or remote collars. Ever. 

Do you offer a guarantee? 

Yes and no. I CAN promise you that I will do everything within my power to ensure you are successful, and that I will be honest with you about the likely outcomes.   I CAN promise you that my techniques are effective and that you will see improvement if you follow my instructions. I CAN guarantee that you will feel fully supported and that we can continue working until you've got the best possible results. You can read my specific guarantee here.

However, I have a very high level of certification to do the work I do, and the ethical guarantees I must sign to maintain my certification actually prohibit offering a guarantee. These certifying bodies stipulate this to maintain professional integrity.  Without knowing you and your situation, and without being able to control other variables that come into play (like your dog's environment or personality)...I CANNOT, in integrity, offer a results-based guarantee.  It's the same reason teachers, doctors, and therapists don't.

Your dog is an individual, and your situation is unique, as is your ability to support and maintain training. Beware of any trainer who offers a "lifetime guarantee."  Dogs aren't electronic equipment. 


My training works for passionate dog lovers who are truly committed to forging a soulful connection with their canine family member -- people who want more than "obedience" training -- those who are seeking a deeper connection and understanding --  families who want to make their dog a full-fledged member of the family, and share fun and adventure.  And often, if you've worked with other trainers and still don't have the results you want...this will answer your questions and take you where you want to go.


This is NOT for people who aren't willing to change their behavior, reflect on themselves honestly, or who just want to complain about their dog. If you've already given up on your dog and you're just looking for an excuse to justify that, this is not for you. It's also not for you if you're not open to new ideas and approaches.